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Will a quitclaim guarantee me good title?

It depends on what other clouds are on your title. If there are no other clouds, a quitclaim is usually all you need. You can verify this with your title insurer.

Even if you have other clouds on your title, you’ll still need to remove this one, and this is the easiest way.

How do I get my quitclaim?

Click the buy now button and pay for it. In a day or two, in most counties, we will record it online. For the few small counties not yet set up for online recording, we will priority mail it to the clerk for manual recording. We can also send it to you, or whomever you wish, by priority mail.

How can I trust you?
How can I be sure I’ll get my quitclaim after I pay for it?

When we record online, we usually get a confirmation in a day or two, which we will email to you. If there’s a problem with the recording, that notice will often come back even sooner, and we can fix it.

We ship by Priority Mail, which is all tracked. If it gets lost, we can resend it.

Like anything else you buy online, if you don’t get it, your credit card company will reverse the charge.

What are your fees?

The price for your quitclaim is shown on your property page. This includes all closing costs, recording fees, stamp taxes.

Note: If you have us send your quitclaim to you or somebody else, rather than have us record it, then you would be responsible for the recording fees and stamp taxes.

You weren’t the previous owner. How is your quitclaim any good?

We got a quitclaim from the previous owner and it’s already recorded. If you look at your documents in our packet, you’ll see it. When you have your title insurer verify this, they will see it.

Can you do this for other properties without a property number?

Sometimes, if it’s in Florida. Tell us about the property on our contact page and we’ll let you know what we can do.

How long have you been in business?

Good Title Now LLC is fairly new, established in early 2022, but the principals have been dealing with real estate for many years as buyers, sellers, landlords, property managers, real estate investment trust trustees, and petitioners before Florida courts on real estate title matters.

Are you attorneys?

No, but we work with attorneys. If you have one, we can work with yours.

Are you real estate agents or brokers?

No. We sell directly.

Are you licensed?

No license is required for what we do.

Are you registered anywhere?

Yes. Good Title Now LLC is registered with the Florida Secretary of State, Division of Corporations. We are also members of the Institute for Professionals In Taxation.